God; front and center.

I was thinking..What does it mean to keep God in the center of our relationships? (And i do not just mean BGR, but in all relationships, with friends, family, etc.) 

I think this is why the “A family who prays together, stays together” saying came about; because keeping God in the center, essentially meant that. To keep up on our own spiritual life (quiet time/down time/shh time), to discuss about God-related questions with each other and to keep each other accountable.

And now, here is the difficult part, or, complicated part in Christian couples today. I used to ask myself, “What does God have to do with my relationship with so and so?” or “Us being friends is between us, we do not have to involve God in everything.” But, i was wrong. Rather, i wanted to take the easy way out, to not complicate the relationship by adding God into it because then I’d have to re-analyse and reassess everything i do, and ask myself, “Is this right in God’s eyes?”

[If you have read all my previous posts, you would sort of have an idea of what kind of a person i am, but, don’t judge me yet; because i only show what i want you to see here. My very human side, because WordPress is my outlet. See my loophole argument here too?]  

I wanted there to be certain parts of me which I can keep to myself, which i can tell God off by saying, “This is my section, You cannot come in here.” I say it for wordpress, for some friendships and even family. Why? Because I used to be with the school of thought that God only governs a certain part of my life, whereas I am the decision maker on the extent of that governance. This is wrong. 

God owns my very being, i belong to him, not half-heartedly but all 360 degrees of me. Simply put, I should be saying, ”I belong to you, God”, not “You belong to certain parts of me.” 

I realise I’ve said some very unchrist-like things on WordPress, some very me-i-just-want-to-say-it. I realise I have also shortchanged God in my friendships and in my family. But not in my life decisions. Isn’t that selfish of me? Yes. 

I want to start applying God in my life, family, friends, etc. Chill guys, this is not me evangelising; that’s a whole different thing. An e.g. of application is, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Phil 4:6″ So, i will try not to worry in all aspects of my life. (Walao, so hard) Also, not being afraid of what people will think when I talk to them; cause i used to filter out the God parts cause i thought it would make them feel uncomfortable. Like, i’ll just say, ”God really took care of me today wei, I had no data while i was driving and i was lost and He just told me to follow this black Serina to get back to college, and i found my way back!” #truestory Not evngelising, but not denying. 

I just cannot deny who I am in Christ. It is in Christ alone, I am found. (Eph 1:11-12). I believe i will finally find out who i am, My identity, as i continue to seek God.

Can you tell i am very happy now? 😀 Being unafraid to talk about the love of my life freely is the best.

Anyway, I just wanted to welcome God to my WordPress account here, HAHA, and also just write about keeping God in the center of our relationships. And since life is made out of relationships, I basically mean life too. 😛

P/S: Something has definitely changed within me as I have consciously been seeking God in my life,more and more. I will still be posting on everyday struggles la gais, but add some God salt, or at least i’ll try because living short of God for so long.. It’ll be a tortoise process of change. 

Take care and till next time 🙂