I’ve been wanting to say this for awhile now..

Satu (Meaning: One in Malay)

It’s unfair. The way we non Bumipputera’s (Bumipputera: term is used to refer to a member of the majority malay race.) are treated. I do not want to be treated this way, I am angry, indignant and above all, disheartened. Though our country is considered not a “third world” country anymore; the govt. Still thinks like one. They have no intention of changing the status of people who have been born here; like myself, to be that of Bumiputeras. Just because of my race. It has always been about the race and evidently it Will always be about our races.

But I want it to change. I do not want to sit back and accept things the way they are. I CANNOT and I WILL not. So, like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the Change.”

Here is where I am stuck.

I am of the opinion that:

Our government does not love our country.

Our people are messed up. Some welcome change; others, not at all. Some don’t even care. I have friends(not friends anymore) who have personally told me to shut up or not talk about religious rights in front of them (I tak kisah, *rolls his eyes*) because its irrelevant. – HELLO, if your rights were taken away, you’d be angry and ranting too. 

Our economy is spiralling towards nothingness. Our pringgit value keeps dropping.

Our education is a laughing stock. We reverted back to teaching science and mathematics in malay, from teaching it in english!!

Our politicians love money when they should love the people. The 1MDB scandal.

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