A dark room (Christian content)

Imagine you are in a dark room. You neither know how big or small it is — but you know that along one of the walls there lies a switch. And this switch will lead to a lightbulb, with a brightness bright enough to light up the whole room, every corner, every crack, every part.

But you don’t. Because you’re comfortable in this darkness, doing the things you do, saying the things you say, living life as you please. You KNOW of the existence of the switch – like how you know about God and that He exists – but you don’t want to change the room from dark to bright. Why? Because you’re holding on to it all – YOUR decisions, YOUR pride, YOUR anger, everything that was done without the desire to please Him but please yourself; you’re holding on to these.

You say sure, I know that when I flick the switch, the light will fill the room, but ah, if I could just find out more about where it is first, then only I’ll start searching. This points to the people who think they need to find out more about God in order to know Him. Does the Bible say this?? That we need to know enough about God to know Him? And enough- what is that? Who gets to judge? Your pastor? Your parents? Why do they get to judge? They are human too. The only True reference is the Bible and if it doesn’t say that – then why are you complying to it??

And then there are those who let fear consume them – what if the light bulb bursts when I turn it on? Then won’t I get electrocuted? You’re afraid of the consequences of lighting up the room. And you let this fear get in the way of you turning the light on.

Let me say to you, fear not, from the Bible we know that the consequences of sin is death and death on the cross which has already been done (IT IS FINISHED!) by Christ and His ressurection allows us to have hope over death.

So have hope, not fear, that when you turn on the light, you too, will be of the light and no longer being in darkness, you are no longer partakers of sin but have rejoicing with the angels that Jesus has overcome the power of sin. And while being in the light, you will desire and yearn towards a life which is pleasing to God. He will guide you, He is our Shepherd and we the sheep will know His voice; as said in Psalms.

Do not fear. We have hope, hence have faith my fellow brothers and sisters and turn that switch on today.