So uncertain was I as to the meaning of this word that I had to Google it up. My initial definition that I came up with; only by breaking it up in syllables was, “hmm, does it mean a person who lies outside?” (laugh with me gais or at me..)

Its real definition though – a person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system.

The first person who came to mind of an e.g of this definition is my boyfriend. His way of thinking is so unlike any other person. That’s where detached from system came into play.

We were talking about sexual harassment vs offensive speech and whether the former causes the right of freedom of speech to diminish. The arguments he came up with sounded so cold and as though he were advocating for sexual harassment and offensive speech when several people including myself argued against it (on a public social media platform).

We talked about it in private later on and he said that he hated that he sounded cold & as though he was for it,

“I know that i sound like it and i hate that i do.. but i have to say things ppl wont like to get the point across 😭)”

But to me, it’s more of why would you even do that when people may misunderstand what you’re advocating for and that’s not a position I would want people to misunderstand me on, yunno??

And he does this again and again for other really controversial topics. So, to me he’s an outlier haha BTA I find lawyers to be outliers too because they’re so objective. Like him.

Hmm, so the system is not an external one, just my system on socially acceptable norms, so I guess they’re not outliers after all. HAHA.

Much ado about nonsense. I tried this prompt thingie! 😶 Gotta sleep, goodnight y’all’s.

P/S I understand why he does it; for discussion and to push people to see things they would not want to see if they had a choice, to turn it over on their tongue and taste it’s bitterness. It forces them to think deeper, makes them see it by asking the uncomfortable questions. Tasted disgusting things today but yea, bitterness can be beneficial too. 

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