Another milestone in my life completed, the door is closed behind me and as I stare at this door; this cherry red door with the words ‘UNIVERSITY SECTION’ printed above its door frame, I see in my mind’s eye all of my memories here. 

Its done now, a calm voice says as though urging me to move. I turn around slowly; took me a month to shift my eyes from everything UNIVERSITY related really, and put my hand on the first rung of the ladder which appears into thin air right in front of me. A stool appears beneath my feet and elevates me so I can place my foot onto the grey ladder. As soon as both feet are on the ladder, the stool disappears: No turning back now.

Grey is uncertainty and I cannot wait for the ladder to turn a more definitive colour as I explore this ‘SECTION’ and find out my likes and dislikes here, whether i can live through the dislikes, whether i will grow, and the most important of all –whether it will challenge me. I know the grey-ness is just waiting to change its tone, it’s calling out to me and I feel my fingers stretching out to pick up the invitation.

I haven’t picked up that invitation yet, it is within reach; just an email away to the founding partner, my interviewer, of a consulting firm I applied to.

On the morrow, I will touch that envelope. It is rough and scentless now, but I hope it will become silky and fragrant to me in time. Hope.