Getting political

Two words. Work Politics.

Ugh. Why why why. I am seriously not made to be a part of this kind of situations.

It is beyond frustrating. It is XXX. It’s as bad as being stuck in a love triangle, or worst.

I dislike the social ladders people climb, how they become someone else to get higher. So can you imagine how much more I dislike the corporate ladder. It’s not just people involved, but money.

Money is one of the most dirtiest words; to me, at least. It’s even dirtier than the word politician.

I wonder if I will ever be backstabbed by people wanting to climb up this ladder. I suppose in order to go higher, you need to pull the people up there Down; not that I’m up there yet.

But just the thought of things like these scare me. I mean, yes, people will do what they want to do. I have no control.

But why? šŸ˜¦ humans always save themselves first. Ugh. . Selfish bunch of losers we are. Yes, we. I’m selfish sometimes too.


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