Waiting +

Waiting at the restaurant, waiting in the car, waiting for him to make up his mind, waiting for her to pick up the call..waiting, just waiting.

We’re all just waiting.

During a meal, waiting for the cue to talk, waiting for the other person to finish..

In an argument, waiting for the other person to apologise or accept your apology, waiting for us to be the same again. Same but different..

Answering nature’s call, waiting for the pain to pass, waiting for the job to be finished, waiting to flush..

In classes, waiting for the lecturer to ask questions, waiting to understand, waiting on your friends to pack up their bags..

For us, waiting for you to ask me how my day is, waiting for your status to be online, waiting for another reassurance, waiting to see if it lasts, waiting and waiting..

In a restaurant, waiting for a late friend, waiting for her to come, waiting.. just revelling in the waiting, waiting for what our conversation will bring, memories, laughter and a little sadness. Sadness about you, sadness with you, but happiness too..

 In hunger, waiting for food to fill – it doesn’t,

In contentment, waiting for yourself to be satisfied – you aren’t,

In passion, waiting for it to overflow – it stops at the tip,

In fear, waiting for courage to come – it goes,

In endings, waiting to restart – it pauses.

But in waiting, I find myself learning, thinking even loving. Things don’t HAVE to be definite for me to feel (something) towards it.


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