A blacked out blur

These past 5 years of my life.. (18-23yo) is really like a blur of diversified events, I really can’t pinpoint certain milestones. Happy times, angry times (pent up frustration) sad times, mourning times, joyful times, fun times, etc are all tumbling about in my mind’s eye.. It seems like it was just yesterday that I’d stepped into college; and now, I have one final semester till I graduate.

I have this one question I’m feeling extremely guilty about : “Why am I taking so long to graduate?” I know I Will graduate, duh, obviously, but why am I taking so much longer than my friends?

Is it the lack of love towards studies?

Is it lack of discipline?

No focus?

Lack of motivation?

Wrong course?


I. Really. Do. Not. Know. I think it’s not just one thing, but many reasons; for sure. I know I’ll only make myself more miserable if I actually dig up every single sorry reason/excuse as to why I did badly. The only thing I can do is to learn from these mistakes and misjudgements. And I hope and pray that I will leave it at that. Althoughhhhhhh, if an interviewer asks me (next year) why am I starting to intern at 24 years old…I wonder if it’ll be too cheeky to reply her with a question, “Why not?” (I guess worst case scenario, I might even be kicked out of the interview room :o)

Only one way to find out! Wish me luck? Hahahh

In the mean time, I am sitting for ADVANCED AUDIT & ASSURANCE on 7/12/2015. Yes it is as hard as it sounds. Wish me luck or all the best! Cause I need plenty of luck to have a kind marker and analyse the exam questions in the correct way (but I’m practising on my end too!!) 

One thing I’ve learnt, and keep learning to do this past 5 years is.. 

(Lettering by Zhiling, Instagram name: Crayzhi)

(Lettering by Zhiling, Instagram name: Crazhi)


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