Expectations and what I need to do with them


I’ve been burnt so many times this year because I had expectations of other people, my family, my friends, my lecturers, my so, etc. And I think all this time it was me burning myself, figuratively. D was right, she had told me: ”the less you expect. the happier you’ll be.” Although, retrospectively, this is kinda sad. Because it means that she’s been hurt by expectations too, enough to make her not want to have expectations at all.

High expectations are the worst because I thought that these people were worthy of it, that they could fulfill it. But they all let me down.

I only need to have set goals for myself…expectations shall be left for inanimate objects, like food or a movie.

Because when i think about it, i.e expectations..i become distressed, sad even. Big SIGH..okay, much better.


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