My Life

ACCA I love it! I love accounting, as much as I struggle, as much as people younger than I have already completed it and I feel like crap that I have not; its okay. Really. The life of a student is quite fantastic! Especially at my new Uni (:
HOWEVER, I do dislike one thing about it; the students. A lot of people are willing to step on each other, i.e. their friends, to get to the top. I just wonder what they will be willing to do in the office to get what they want when that time comes. And I am currently irritated with one girl in particular; who i can tell is rather fake, she’s only friends with me because she sees me as someone who has benefits for her student life (which I will explain about later.)
I just wanted to check in and post this! and let it GEROFF!! (like how Mr Goon says it) my chest.. *ahh, I feel better already*
Much love to myself and hopefully I’ll be able to sleep well before I awake at 830am for Uni (:
Take care and have a good week
P/s: My mocks are next week, SO I may be a gone from here for awhile.
Will be back in October or sooner; i Hope. 

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